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Group members

Page history last edited by Rosana Francescato 11 years, 6 months ago

These people have attended our meetings -- membership is open to anyone interested, need not be in the SF Bay Area.


Name Affiliation Interests
  1. Al Weinrub
Coordinator for Local Clean Energy Alliance, the largest affiliation of orgs that pushes for local clean energy in the Bay Area. For more info, see LCEA website.  LCEA is interested in looking at how to promote community power. Around the country, many people are trying to get renewable clean energy in their communities -- facing many obstacles such as financing, regulations.
  1. Rosana Francescato
Started on this in quest to get solar for condo, which led to learning about solar gardens. On SB 843 task force with LCEA. 

Would like to learn about more models for community solar and look at starting projects.

  1. June Brashares
Member of LCEA, on SB 843 task force.  

Interested in different models of community solar and seeing what has been successful, also perhaps doing a project.

  1. Karey Christ-Janer
Utility reform advocate in CO and CA. A lot going on in CO in community energy. Spends part of year in Sonoma, involved in CCA. 

Most interested in seeing what models community energy can use to incorporate other energy sources, not just solar.

  1. Charles (Chuck) Rieger
Nonprofit Solano Business and Innovation, was working on Energy Upgrade CA, have formed net zero team, on residential side attempting to get residents down to zero from utility perspective, goal in county is 500 homes, working with a company in Davis area on a PACE-like program.  

Interested in exploring use of NGOs as implementation mechanism. 

  1. Stephanie Wang  
Director of Programs & Campaigns for the Clean Coalition.  We focus on making clean local energy accessible now in California and nationwide through our programs, regulatory intervention, and educating legislators and other policymakers.  Learn more at www.Clean-Coalition.org. 

Can be available as resource and to be on calls, no bandwidth to get involved in specific projects. May be able to get us some info from Green Calif legislative group air energy committee. 

  1. Graham Lierley
Was on SB 843 task force; not able to attend first meeting. 


  1. Kristina Shih
With Solar Mosaic, which uses a crowdfunding model for putting solar on rooftops and provides returns to investors.

 Interested in getting SB 843 passed.

  1. Tyler Espinoza  
Solar program coordinator for SF. 

Interested in exploring a community solar project in the city for solar PV.

  1. Steven Huang

Works for a developer on a property, has land available for a solar farm:



NREL is studying the site for solar use:



  1. Eric Veium
Working on models for integrated renewable energy systems, works with local power and other orgs, committed to starting projects in San Luis Obispo area.  

Interested in legislation?

  1. Mark Braby
Attended, came in after our intros – sorry!


  1. Jeff E Brothers
Was not able to attend first meeting. 


  1. Youness Scally
With Everybody Solar, similar model to Solar Mosaic but nonprofit, fundraising for other nonprofits who want to go solar. Personally interested in community solar. Launching & financing projects here. 

Most interested in exploring potential models, finding suitable sites, and funding potential projects.

  1. Tom Humphreys
Individual interested in getting involved with community power. 

Interested in energy and smaller scale and democratic empowerment, here to find out what’s going on. Interested in tracking legislation, may not want to get too involved in trying to get legislation changed. 

16.  Andreas Karelas

With RE-volv, startup nonprofit, crowdfunding for community solar projects, use payback from solar systems to fund a revolving fund to invest in further community projects. Anyone can donate, no returns since it’s a donation. Also is on LCEA steering committee. 

Interested in seeing the group build support for community solar.

17.  Aaron Reaven

Was redevelopment advisory community member and got two projects funded. Now redevelopment has been abolished.  

Wants community power and CCA to be issues in upcoming election in Oakland. Familiar with local gov't models, especially interested in understanding how city governments can promote and advance community power. Would like to track legislation, ensure we're aware of things out there that might limit community power, too. Would like to learn more about how energy-efficiency programs can fit within community power, whether through or without CCA.

18.  Reede Stockton

Was on LCEA task force on SB 843, was not able to attend first meeting. 


19. Lee Barken Unable to attend first meeting but sent this intro: I'm a CPA and LEED-AP based in San Diego and working for a regional accounting firm called Haskell & White. I'm very interested in supporting renewable energy deployments through innovative policy mechanisms.More here: http://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/guest-post-solar-hosting/   I'm particularly interested in knowledge sharing and bringing best practices to renewable projects here in San Diego. Interested in group ownership model, like owning shares in a company, can sell the energy together. 
20. Ari Michelson Graduate Student at UC-Santa Barbara's Bren School of Environmental Science & Management; Solar Gardens Summer Fellow Interested in renewables and energy efficiency, and the different models that encourage their adoption.


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