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Community Power Working Group

Page history last edited by Rosana Francescato 8 years, 4 months ago

Welcome to the Community Power Working Group wiki!


This wiki is for the Community Power Working Group, which was formed in 2012 through the Local Clean Energy Alliance as a follow-up to an LCEA task force to investigate SB 843. We have representatives from organizations such as the Solar Gardens Institute, as well as individuals interested in community power. The group looked at ways to promote community power, focusing on California.


This group is now inactive.


For details, contact Rosana.


Goals of group


The group has these specific goals:


  • Investigate and document different models and examples for financing and developing community power.
  • Research existing legislation relevant to community power (both in California and elsewhere), help amend bills in progress as needed, and consider other legislation we could propose.
  • Locate sites in the SF Bay Area for community power projects, and determine what models might work for them, whether it's a solar garden or some other form of community power.
  • Start some community power projects in the area.


Our definition of community power


See our draft, in-progress definition of community power, from 2012.


Group information


To contact the group, email community-power-ca@googlegroups.com


See group discussions at http://groups.google.com/group/community-power-ca.


Pages and folders on this wiki


Community power projects: Examples of projects we know about

Legislation: Laws that may support or be obstacles to community power; see also Vote Solar.

Group members: List of people in our group, their affiliations, and their interests

Meeting notes: Notes for each meeting are within this folder.

Community power groups: Groups we may want to collaborate with

Resources: See this page for further resources.


Help using this wiki


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